Monday, July 25, 2016

Magazine Sample Ready!

July 25, 2016


The sample issue of The Stars Still Shine Magazine is now ready! Your input is most welcome.  Before you open the magazine, here's a little note from the Upstairs Publisher (in Heaven), Bob Murray:

"Greetings to all our devoted readers,
I'm very excited to say, and I'm not often very excited, that we have the magazine
ready for you. It's great to be back in the saddle.
Kindest Regards,

To receive (download) your copy of the 2016 sample, open your web or mobile browser and
click this web address or copy it into your browser:


View the issue at, a digital publishing service. Let us your experience with reading the issues at:

Older Sample Issue

If you have difficultly downloading or viewing the magazine, please contact us.

Other Viewing Formats
Convert your downloaded PDF(s) into other formats (EPUB and others) to view on more devices.
In a Web or mobile search, type "convert to EPUB " or "convert to (your format) ".

Kind Regards,


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