Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Any comments? Music at

January 27, 2010


At The Stars Still Shine web site,
a variety of music is available for listening and purchase. Our home
page and other frequently visited web pages play songs. If you are
interested, we would like to receive your comments and questions
about the music.

1. Have you visited the web site for the purpose of listening to
the music? If you answered yes, how was your experience?

2. If you are interested in purchasing song(s), would you prefer
to receive the music by...

(A) e-mail (as an attachment. Each song averages
between 4 and 8 megabytes),
(B) as a download to your computer or
(C) on a CD?

Thank you for your input.

Kind Regards,

P.S. The January 2010 issue of "The Stars Still Shine Magazine"
will be available in a few days.

James Murray
Aura Publishing: