Monday, September 5, 2011

9-11s' Afterlife / excerpts from Book 3

September 5, 2011


Here's the latest news.

"The 9-11s in the Afterlife" e-book

A few months after September 11, 2001, we published messages
entitled "The 9-11s in the Afterlife"on pages of our web site.
Now, a new e-book is available containing those messages
from Lynne, David and Michael. The e-book is free upon request.

New excerpts from Michael's afterlife journey -- Book III

As an added feature for "The Stars Still Shine Magazine",
excerpts from the new Book III will be added beginning
with the August 2011 issue. Book III is a continuation of
Michael's journey through the After Life.
With plans to publish Book III in the near future, the book is now
going through the editing process.

In this first excerpt, Michael continues working with and learning from
Joseph of Arimathea: * Joseph of Arimathea was an uncle of the
Virgin Mary and, according to the Talmud, the younger brother of her
father. He lived in the town of Arimathea, called Arimathain in the
Septuagint and Amartha by the Historian Josephus. This is present
day Ramallah which is eight miles North of Jerusalem. He was a
wealthy merchant having a fleet of ships that delivered Tin from the
mines in Cornwall, England to Phoenicia.

Thank you very much!