Saturday, December 6, 2014

A New Audio Book - December 2014

December 6, 2014
Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of working with John Lennon,  George Harrison and the-very-much-alive, David Young.  This Team brought many dedicated people together to produce: 
My Experiences With Lennon and Harrison by David Young.

It is a marvellous Audio Book combining amazing stories with original music.  There are five CDs with seven hours of story telling and songs.
As a medium, I was able to ‘bridge’ the communications between Heaven and Earth. I talked to David for the past year so John and George were able to give detailed instructions, comments and encouragement to David through me.

I must admit that sometimes I wasn’t familiar with some of the technical  aspects of  song writing but I passed on the messages anyway.  Interestingly enough, when John ‘talked’ through my voice box, I sounded like John Lennon, British-Liverpool accent and all.  George Harrison had a slightly different tone or energy when he came through but David knew the difference.
David Young is a multi-talented musician, story-teller and author.  The Heavenly Team, affectionately known as the Half Beats didn’t have to poke and prod David at all.  We gave suggestions and he followed through.  He’s the guy who did all the hard work and deserves the attention and praise.  Don’t worry if you make him blush, he’ll get over it.  He had a ‘Cheer Leading’ team of two very special women, his Mother and Dawn.  They kept the “Praise Fires’ burning at the appropriate times, fed him when he was hungry and were supportive through the whole adventure.

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